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Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!

The answer is Pinnacle Studio 14 HD. After nearly two weeks on the phone all over the internet and significant frustration Pinnacle 14 is definitely the answer. It was so simple it was crazy! I installed the trial. Imported my first footage. No conversions, no settings, no nothing! It just fired up, edited in real-time, simple interface. Man, I can not recommend this enough. Nice titling, transitions, add music, simple as 1,2,3. I outputted to HD DVD… it fired up the burner, wallah I had a dvd playing in a DVD player just minutes later. After all the searching, the search is over. Pinnacle gets a lot of Kudos for this one.

I uninstalled Adobe Premiere Pro… and freed up some memory and I am on my way. Highly recommended… Pinnacle and 5d MKII work and fit like a hand in glove!


Here is the link:

I will post a video in a couple of days on my BlogSpot Blog


Well, I will keep you posted about progress. However, I have spoken with Canon and I have tried to communicate with the ridiculous Adobe help center and have yet to find a solution to edit video from the 5d. The deal is that the 5d shoots great video and has some promise it would seem, until, that is, you actually try to do something with the video which you have captured. Adobe Premiere pro and Premiere Elements show the video as choppy. Zoom Browser which ships with the camera allows you to view the video footage smoothly, however has almost no editing capability. After twelve hours of searching for a solution I have concluded if you are working on an Mac with Final Cut you probably have a viable use for the video feature. However if you are on a Windows Machine you might as well forget it unless you are some kind of engineer. It really seems that Canon would look for a viable solution or work with a 3rd party to get a solution… so far… unfortunately… there are no simple answers… and although I use a ton of Adobe products their tech support is nearly non-existent. I’ll keep you posted if I find any solutions.

I purchased an Elinchrom Ranger system. It includes one head, one battery pack, 1 Elinchrom umbrella, and accessories. I first read about this system in a Scott Kelby Blog article. I ruled it out due to the expense and then thought just how good could the light be for that price? A few weeks later I ran across another article that Scott Kelby wrote about the product and made the decision to check it out. I purchased the equipment from If you do not know them yet… get to know them. They are nice knowledgable and have pricing that is as good or better than any other camera gear distributor. I have always been treated well at Robert’s.

In any event upon opening the lighting box I feel the case although adequate, could be imp[roved for a system costing over $2,000.00. I also purchased a very large Octabank from Robert’s, an Elinchrom as well. The first shoot was shot entirely with just the one light and the Octabank attached. It was a pregnancy shoot. Young couple due in just a couple of weeks.

To be honest, when I walked out with the gear, manfrotto light stand on casters, extra trigger grip for the light stand, the Octabank and the Ranger system I was near 4k in expense! I was practically sweating and thought what am I thinking? About 4k for one light? Am I nuts?

The real test of course came when Sharon and I did the shoot… the light was absolutely beautiful as if it were coming through a very large window with softly diffused light. Now it is big… as Scott referred to it the Octabank is “Biggity Big”. The coverage is unreal and it is as even and soft and complimentary as any light I have ever seen. The quality of the light is unmatched as anything I have ever experienced. It could be the only light that you ever use! It is even and magically wraps around the subject.

I will post a few pictures taken with just the one light as well as the equipment so that you can see the components. Now, for some undoubtedly the price will be prohibitive… but unlike my golf game, the more expensive equipment really did make a difference.

A few weeks later we had an opportunity to use the system at a wedding shot in  a very dark environment… I mean it was such a dark area that an airport search light would have been absorbed. On the Manfrotto rack we shot several formals in the basement area of the Church and then rolled it right into the elevator and up to the Chapel area where we shot group shots of the wedding party. Since it has batteries to power it we did not need to hunt for outlets or trip over cords. Very convenient to take a studio light to do such big work. We have a couple of group shots that had over 50 people in them and there was no light fall off at all. These are beautiful and in fact I purchased a duplicate set right after that.

Here you will find tips and opinions regarding camera gear, storage, lighting, and generally any equipment which we use. We always investigate many different types of equipment before making a final decision and purchase. However, even with all of the work we put into our investigation we have still made mistakes. It is our hope that if you are into photography that we might help you avoid some mistakes, as well as discover some really great gear.