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Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!

The answer is Pinnacle Studio 14 HD. After nearly two weeks on the phone all over the internet and significant frustration Pinnacle 14 is definitely the answer. It was so simple it was crazy! I installed the trial. Imported my first footage. No conversions, no settings, no nothing! It just fired up, edited in real-time, simple interface. Man, I can not recommend this enough. Nice titling, transitions, add music, simple as 1,2,3. I outputted to HD DVD… it fired up the burner, wallah I had a dvd playing in a DVD player just minutes later. After all the searching, the search is over. Pinnacle gets a lot of Kudos for this one.

I uninstalled Adobe Premiere Pro… and freed up some memory and I am on my way. Highly recommended… Pinnacle and 5d MKII work and fit like a hand in glove!


Here is the link:

I will post a video in a couple of days on my BlogSpot Blog


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